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New Year, New Me BS!!

Society waits for a new year to change or set a goal! Why on earth would you want to wait or dedicate one day where you are going to change or set a goal??
Goals should be set for every point in your life, every milestone you reach a new goal or challenge should be set.
People fail with their goals as they are not realistic. Set realistic goals ones you can achieve, some days it will literally be to get out of bed and other days will be better. There will be days you can focus on your life-long goals and tasks that you want to get done and achieve in your life!!

Just remain focussed and be consistent in what you want to achieve in life, think of where you want to be? Think of that every damn day!! The time is now!!
Every second of every day work towards your goals!
Believe you can and you WILL!! Let each and everyday be blessing, may you be happy, strong, achievement orientated and focussed every step of your path 🙂


My Year 2018…

So… I thought I would blog more, but I didn’t …

My year summed up, it has been a crazy year, it feels like it should be Easter not December, but that having been said it is what it is, years go by, time goes by, we need to make the best of our time here whilst we can!

Accomplishments this year for me that I completed and was awarded Masters Degree, Cum Laude, YAY – It is done! What an amazing feeling all the preparation all the dedicated hours’ and literally blood, sweat and tears to finish.

I had attempt to steal my mobile phone, I was in Joburg CBD when a thief came to my window which was partially opened and took my phone from my lap – my instinct decided to grab it back (I cannot believe that I ripped it out of his hand) I then threw it on the ground by my feet. The thief sped off, I think he thought I had a gun which I was reaching for, I am sure of it. I was very jittery and shaken up but at least I got my phone and that is a relief! Glad my instinct was to fight!

I completed Comrades Marathon 2018!! Another WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!! A lifelong dream!! I ran 91km!!! WHAT!!!!! So, super excited I focussed and trained REALLY REAALY HARD to accomplish my dreams!!! I can I will, my attitude!

Time to celebrate! And that I did.. I booked a holiday for an entire month, always had to bribe work to give me a month off, it is always strange to me you have the leave it is convenient for the organisation but you always beg for you leave… My holiday entailed a full month of travelling to Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Ibiza! It was by far one the best holidays I have had! I am grateful I could go and experience the world. The world is a wonderful place if you get the chance, go! Spread your wings, enjoy life travel and see the world experience the different cultures and ways of life….

Reflect on what you have done each and every day learn, unlearn and refocus on your ultimate GOAL. This is your life – learn and live it every day.

Lessons Learnt:

Make your mind up and focus on what you want ensure that you are consistent and it will become a reality.

Be positive always be positive!

Be content and grateful for what you have!! You are blessed beyond measure… Never forget your life is someone else’s dream.

Your blessings are coming!! Believe, receive, be open to abundance in love, joy, family, friends, dreams, accomplishments in your own life.

It has been a short but blessed year awaiting 2019 which will be more blessings, more abundance, more accomplishments, more love, more joy and mostly more happiness ….

Till we meet again …..


My personal journey of the Comrades Marathon 2018

The day started at 12.30 am *Shocked* My alarm went off and I got ready for my BIG day the day I have been planning and training for the last 6 months… My goal.. the day I thought would only be a dream an aspiration that I thought only the elite are able to attain.

Once I was ready me and my team mate walked to the bus stop, the buses departed at 2.00 am from Durban to Pietermaritzburg, heaps of people were on their way, most people half asleep – but wow – you could feel the nerves, excitement from everyone the atmosphere was electric.

We arrived at 3 am and then had some breakfast we made earlier went to the loo and waited to go into our pens, I was in G seeding. I was chatting to a few people, some positive, some trying to cheat and skip their pens and move ahead, and others chatting about how many marathons were done during the year… It is starting to get colder as the sun began to rise… the rope was cut and majority of people run to the next seeding.

Then it begins…….. National Anthem, Chariots of Fire, the cock crows and the canon goes off…. AND WE WAIT… not much is happening we start walking slowly to the start

We start, the lights are so bright .. about a 1 km to the start I need the loo.. so I pop into a garage and go… what a relief.

The first 7 km I try keep a pace of 8.00, as all the articles you read and all the experienced marathon runners say… START SLOW whatever you do start slow – and I listened…. At 7km had some race food and headed to the 15km mark, this is the first race done, I told myself you only have 7 little runs to do – I did not think that I was doing 90km NO NO, that would break you before you even start, so my plan was you only have 7 little runs and you home free and I wanted to enjoy my day… at this point it was still cold and I still had my jersey on.

Next was race 2, most of the running has been up hill, and I still felt fresh and good and God answered all my prayers, I asked God for an overcast day and I GOT IT!! Whooop Whooop..

Race 3 began and I didn’t feel tired at all – Happy Days – Still this race is up hill. On to race 4 (45km mark) my team mate had to use the loo which we wasted some time here, I did feel a little anxious but still just focussed on the day and enjoying myself J

The closer we got to 45km I started getting hungry now and couldn’t wait for my crisps that I packed for the 45km table (what half way, ALREADY).

Next.. on our way to 60km mark, we stopped a couple times to help my team mate spray his knee and this is where I started saying – WHAT IF I CAN PULL OFF A FUCKING MIRACLE – I was saying this a lot to myself and I had motivational quotes, pictures of inspiration and stories on each of my bottles at each stop, which was every 15kms, I feel this helped me a lot. I read them when I was running and it is really things that spoke to me throughout my journey leading up to Comrades.

After 60km, I just started telling myself .. you going to see your team mate at 70km and at 75km your friend is there too.. so just small hurdles – you can do it – you can have a snack at 75km –YOU GOT THIS!!! At about 63km, I saw one of our team mates, (he was a bit earlier than 70km)WOW was so nice to see him, I became tearful and his words of encouragement helped, and I gave him a big hug, even though I was so so sweaty. This is the point where I started questioning myself, things were hurting mental and physical….

At 75km I saw my friend, I was so happy to see her she gave me a PEPTALK and WOW I felt better also had tears in my eyes, I felt broken, I remember she told me – DO you want two Christmas’s this year go and get it Girl and she sprayed my neck and … this is the last race I told myself (I know there was two left) but this is what I decided to tell myself to get through it!!!!


Soon after 75km the 12 hour bus came past and guess what THANK YOU GOD for sending them. Everyone on the sides for the next 15 km was saying stick with this bus… you will not make it if you don’t stick with this bus. The bus driver was a lady and WOW she was so motivational… when we walked we lifted our arms and breathed –this helped… my tummy was not feeling good! I did not care – I prayed for God to help me, my tummy get through this!!!! The bus worked, walk uphills and run downhills, the bus driver shouted count it, the a man counted and we started walking at some points I was praying please say count it, I am feeling exhausted, I am sweating more now than the rest of the run- I told myself YOU CANT GET OFF THIS BUS!!!!

The stadium so so close!!!! Lights are BRIGHT as you enter!! WHAT I DID IT!!!! WHAAAT!!! THANK YOU GOD!!!! I looked around for my team mate – there I found him, we crossed the line together and I burst into tears!! I DID IT!! WOW!!! Amazement all over my body, Tired – YES, could I go on further – I believe I could have .. I believe that ! BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!! YES YES YES!!! I loved it! Words cannot describe how I felt EVER!!! I am HUMBLED






Interview Experience

I have been for a few interviews recently and I have noted that a few things that have changed with regards to the interview process…

I find that the interviewers are less serious and more casual about the interview process, I think as a interviewee you must think more of the interview as a coffee session than an interview, the word “interview” always gets the nerves going (Remember everyone goes to the loo the same way therefore there is no reason to be nervous or afraid to have a discussion – always remember this, one of my dad’s sayings)

A few things to factor in before and on the day of the interview:

  1. The most important fact, dress well, be confident, FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT!
  2. Know the company, know the role you are applying for. Research a day or two before the interview so that you don’t feel under pressure to read through copious amounts of information the night before which will stress you out!!
  3. Have a good night’s sleep
  4. Rehearse what they could ask and answer in the way you would answer on the day
  5. Always remember they invited you, you have aroused interest NOW just to bag the role
  6. Never feel disheartened about being turned down or told that you should have a junior role, this is their opinion and NOT your goal. YOUR goal is what counts it is YOUR life!


Your goals, your dreams, stay focussed you will get there 🙂 YOU WILL ACHIEVE


It is the little things

It was late afternoon,  8 May 2018, after I had been for my sports massage, I needed to pop into a pharmacy to get some vitamins. So off I go… a floor level down…

I was in the vitamin section when the shop assistance asked if I required any help, I explained what I was looking for and she showed me two alternatives, I chose one and she politely asked me to give her feedback on what I thought of the product once used and that she is always in this isle. She is a elderly lady and at this point she looked into my eyes and said what a beautiful face… This made my day … as I could see that she was genuine about her compliment, so often we do not realise that is it the little things people say, we never know what another person is going though and sometimes the smallest act of kindness goes a long way.

Sometimes I ponder… it would be so nice if people are as nice to strangers as they are to people that know…


I will leave you with that thought


First time blogger

So… I have been contemplating to start a blog for awhile now…

Deciding what to blog… I have decided to blog on my journey.. the important factors to woman in the current climate in South Africa.

Starting from career, personal issues facing woman, exercise, eating… living the balanced – or to try balance our lives

Stay tuned for more …